billions of Barrels of Water Treated

An industry leader in oil and natural gas water management, Bosque offers a consultative approach to operators and provides tailored water solutions from a suite of experience, in-house technologies and unconventional chemistries. We manage water throughout the entire lifecycle of the well to ensure your success.

Custom solutions tailored to your needs

Active in all major oil and gas plays, Bosque specializes in treatment, pumping, infrastructure and reuse. Our team of experts is always available to discuss any water-related project solution to see how we can best meet your needs.

A Dedicated Water Management Company

Bosque’s innovative services help operators increase revenue with cost-effective methods that boost reservoir productivity. Using customer data, we develop solutions that allow operators to see and understand the Bosque advantage.

Our Services


We work hand-in-hand with operators to determine the best, most cost-effective program to manage and treat water based on location, water quality and the goals of the operator.


Oil and natural gas operators are increasingly seeking alternative sources of water to use in oil and gas production while minimizing their environmental footprint.


Bosque offers targeted, production-based saltwater disposal services and provides consulting, general contracting and construction services for water pipelines, gathering systems and other unique projects.


Bosque’s innovative pumping services help operators increase revenue with data-based, cost-effective methods that boost reservoir productivity.

DIONIX service

Bosque’s proprietary DIONIX system can safely generate an aqueous chlorine dioxide solution in real time.

Turnkey service

Bosque offers premier, end-to-end solutions, saving you valuable time, manpower and expense spent with other, more traditional approaches.

in-house labs, customized data

Bosque’s state-of-the-art, in-house labs, provide customized data – checked for accuracy and verified by an independent, third-party vendor.

specialized well designs

Bosque cross-analyzes wellbore material to customize the precise program and treatment methods that best suit each individual operator’s needs.

Safety First

At Bosque, we always put safety first. Our focus on safety training and education of all aspects of oil and gas water management protects our employees, customers, environment and equipment.

Bosque Systems is dedicated to being a steward of the environment throughout the recovery, transportation, storage and handing process of pre-frac, flowback and produced water. Preserving water resources is our commitment to future generations.

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