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We specialize in Oil & Gas Water Management including Treatment, Pumping, Infrastructure and Reuse. Our team of experts is always available to discuss any water-related project solution to see how we can best meet your needs.


Bosque offers targeted, production-based saltwater disposal services and provides consulting, general contracting and construction services for water pipelines, gathering systems and other unique projects. Well-versed in all aspects of saltwater disposal and gathering processes, we offer expertise in land acquisition, permitting, design, material procurement, construction, operation and right-of-way acquisition.


Bosque optimizes revenue and minimizes costs for oil and gas operators by determining the optimal disposal location prior to land acquisition and permit application. Strategically choosing a saltwater disposal can reduce truck costs, disturbance and damage to roads. All disposal wells are monitored by on-site staff 24/7 including management, safety crews and reporting teams.

Bosque employs superior well completion methods of its saltwater disposal wells that result in lower wellbore pressures and less energy use. Each facility is built with redundant equipment to minimize downtime and increase efficiency for peak utilization. We establish long-term contracts with active operators in each region prior to drilling and completion to ensure the well operates at or near full capacity.

Gathering Systems

Bosque has developed multiple gathering systems for major operators totaling more than 50 miles and manages more than 10 million barrels of saltwater each year. Handling the entire gathering system project from inception to completion, Bosque operates with speed and efficiency to ensure a turnkey, customized solution that exceeds operator expectations.

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