Well Shock is a well restimulation process from Bosque Systems that is also effective in revitalizing salt water disposal and enhanced oil recovery wells. The system combines Bosque’s proprietary system for delivering extreme rates of chlorine dioxide through its DIONIX technology with pressure pumping and traditional acidization. At a field project of 200 legacy oil wells, productivity was significantly greater with Well Shock than with acidization alone.

The Well Shock process safely generates and delivers extreme rates of ClO2 through Bosque’s DIONIX technology to target the worst well conditions, including issues with iron sulfide and hydrogen sulfide. For SWD and EOR wells, Well Shock decreases pressure and increases injectivity.

Original article in Shale Play Water Management Magazine, Jan/Feb 2019, Pg 51: https://rm-media-group-llc.dcatalog.com/v/SPWM-JanFeb-2019?page=1