Time is of the essence. It’s no secret that water management – from sourcing to disposal – is quickly becoming the single biggest challenge to oil and gas production, especially in booming areas like the Permian Basin. In fact, recent forecasts predict that water disposal volumes are expected to double in the Permian Basin by 2022. That means if operators and service providers don’t find a solution soon, oil and gas production costs will significantly increase and may even result in well shut-ins.

Recent disposal well regulations in Oklahoma, paired with new regulations from the Texas Railroad Commission, signal possible future concerns for water disposal. These regulations target allowable pressures in saltwater disposal (SWD) wells and will result in a significant decrease in how much water can be disposed of. This creates an even bigger case for water reuse due to lack of injection capacity in areas where capacity is limited. Even as companies drill more SWDs, operators have begun to focus on alternative water management techniques such as recycling water and using different water sources, including treated brackish water. These methods allow operators to keep lease operating expenses (LOE) and authorization for expenditure (AFE) low. Basically, it’s time for the industry to go back to the well of ideas for water disposal and reuse – sooner rather than later.

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